Tastes like Life

Banafrut, is a Colombian Company, located in the Urabá region; its main purpose is the production and marketing of the highest quality bananas and plantains, both for conventional markets, as well as the FairTrade Market, making us the largest FairTrade producer worldwide.

In Banafrut, we employ more than 2,500 workers grouped on 33 farms, in approximately 3,500 hectares of land.
We export about 10 million boxes of fruit each year, with a permanent trend of growth and the improvement of the quality of our products, ranking us as the third banana company in the Urabá region.

Our products

for the world

To attend the Northern European market in a timely manner, and with excellent quality fruit, Banafrut do this through its AFC, Afrikanishe Frucht Compagnie, its major trading partner. The volume destined for this market approaches 40% of our total production.

Our essence

translated into wellness

In fulfilling our social commitment, in Banafrut, principally with FairTrade, fruit, we are aimed at the market in the United Kingdom, thus improving the quality of life of our workers, their families and the community.

We have achieved this through front–line companies and supermarket chains, such as Mack Multiples, Primafruit, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

Our aim:

social and business growth

In Banafrut we are always attentive to market demands, expanding horizons, which is why we have established business relations with other clients of great importance in the European market, such as Sweet Peel Fruit Company and Agrofair, to which we provide the highest quality fruit.

Always looking to improve, as a company we focus on excellence; as employers, in the progress and development of our communities.

Our Certifications